16 AUGUST 2014

Tools of the Trade - CPO of the Year

Tool: Hard hat

Name: Visna Lampasi

Job: Chief procurement officer

Where: Leighton Contractors

Why is it important?

I oversee the procurement and supply chain function across about 200 projects here. Our projects span Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Botswana. Wearing the hard hat obviously protects my safety [on a site], but it’s also a symbol of the relationships I need to build. It’s not just about sitting behind a desk in the office; I need to get out and about to visit the projects which are the core of our business. If I meet our people out on the ground I can learn firsthand how our procurement strategy is tracking and what value it’s adding or what adjustments need to be made. In order to understand what we’re buying I need to get out there. Out on sites everyone is wearing personal protective equipment, and the hard hat is a critical piece of that.

Although it’s a key safety tool for me, it’s also a symbol of relationship building.

When I’m on site I’ll meet key stakeholders like project managers, commercial managers or procurement and supply chain managers  who are physically on site working on the projects. I ask them what their challenges are and seeing how we can add more value for them.

What do your colleagues think?

Procurement means different things to different companies.

Most recently from my industry peers I was awarded the 2014 CPO of the year by procurement advisors The Faculty. It’s an annual award where your industry gets to acknowledge people contributing to the profession; I was humbled to get it this year.

Unusual moment?

They’re not uncomfortable, but you do always get hat hair.

How much does it cost?

It’s a company-issued piece of equipment, but you can’t put a price on it – safety is so important.

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