14 October 2013, Supply Management

Advance 'procurement Australia' Fair

Santos CPO and founding member of The Faculty Roundtable, David Henchliffe, was recently asked by Supply Management magazine to comment on the maturation of the procurement profession in Australia. 

While agreeing that procurement has made significant strides over the past decade, David's assessment was frank: “As a function we seem to spend an inordinately large amount of time and effort debating how important the function is and why others don’t seem to see it that way.”

Believing procurement may have become fixated with this question and essentially ‘barking up the wrong tree’, David suggests: “Perhaps if [procurement] focused on alignment with the business’s objectives and developing excellence within our responsibilities we would find more doors opened to us.” 

The Supply Management article also highlights The Roundtable’s latest report, Future-Ready, which argues:  “there is no function or profession better positioned to lead business transformation than procurement. From its formidable viewpoint spanning the entire value chain, the reach and influence of procurement is unmatched”.

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