Winter, July 2014

CPOs lack self-awareness

Even the best of us can suffer from poor time management – while we’re stuck wrestling with tricky business demands, often there’s no time left for developing our own skills and polishing our professional outlook.

“CPOs need to develop just as much as the teams they are managing, and it’s not as tricky a proposition as it sounds,” says Judy Kent, Facilitator of Procurement Executive Program (PEP).

Judy suggests you can learn a great deal about yourself, your function and the teams you manage simply by stepping back, slowing down and taking a moment of quiet reflection.

“It’s one of the key benefits of undertaking a residential executive program like PEP,” she says. 

“Funnily enough, time and again, PEP graduates tell me that by taking a ‘time out’, it actually enabled them to speed up once they re-entered the workplace – re-energised, clear headed and a great deal more self-aware.”

Building strong relationships - be they with stakeholders or team members - is where most procurement leaders take a great deal of their job satisfaction.  Judy explains this is one of the reasons why the PEP syllabus puts so much emphasis on building self-awareness and influencing skills. 

“We ask PEP delegates to consider they take up their leadership role and how this impacts people in their teams, colleagues in other teams and even suppliers,” says Judy

She explains:  “The most effective leaders I’ve seen have strong self-awareness – they understand their own strengths and weaknesses and importantly, their impact on others.” 

That’s why another key learning objective at PEP is around ability to influence upwards: “Those who can master such a discipline will not only enhance their own reputation, but that of the procurement profession as a whole,” says Judy

Self-reflection does not stop with making new plans for work; “with the help of their alumni network, graduates are encouraged to embrace new ways of thinking about leadership and the role of procurement more broadly.”

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