Autumn, February 2014

Procurious to learn more?

Jack Slade on Procurement world-first - Procurious

Delegates at FLiP will be treated to a world-first when they become the first to preview Procurious – the online community created especially for aspiring and ambitious procurement professionals. Aiming to connect 100,000+ procurement professionals, Product Manager Jack Slade gives us the low down on how Procurious will change the way we work, connect, live and learn.

Jack, tell us about Procurious, what’s the vision?
We’re aiming to empower procurement professionals to achieve more by bringing the brightest young minds in procurement together in an online community. With smartphone in hand, the next generation of procurement leaders are more connected than ever – yet still remain a widespread and largely disconnected community. Procurious will be a platform where they can join forces from all corners of the globe to express themselves, share ideas, learn, develop and collaborate. Our aim is for Procurious to be a daily habit for up and coming ‘procurers’ looking to make an impact.

Why launch Procurious now?
We think the procurement profession has a bit of an image problem with stereotypes that have been around for years. It’s time procurement professionals become more valued. The next generation of CPOs are at an exciting point in their career - they are smart, global, savvy and creative individuals. Procurious will be a place where they can network, learn, and develop their own career; but at a higher level, Procurious is also a way of harnessing their collective minds for the greater good of the industry. There’s also a huge opportunity for young, bright and ambitious professionals to begin changing the professional identity of procurement as a whole..  Our medium term goal is to have 100,000 members, and if we hit these kind of numbers, there’s no doubt we can help change the face of procurement.

What will be the main attractions for Procurious members?
I’d say networking is at the heart of Procurious – it will be quick and easy for members to expand their procurement networks, build valuable connections and raise their profile in the community .

The site will provide access to like-minded individuals across the globe doing the same job, facing similar challenges.  It will include groups and lively discussion forums (we know they’re always up for a good debate!), access to both online and offline events, and a range of mobile and desktop accessible e-learning modules. It will also provide access to mentors and people with experience that can support career development.   

The functionality of the mobile site means members will easily be able to check the community on the way to work, get the latest news, tips and insights from peers so they’re informed for the day ahead.

And what does the site look like?
Well, without giving too much away, it will be a fun engaging and dynamic community – I’d describe the look and feel as a mixture between Facebook and LinkedIn (perhaps even better than that if I do say so myself!)

What has the feedback been so far?
We’ve been testing the site with a closed group for the last 4 months and so far the feedback has been really positive – one member recently described it as ‘a breath of fresh air’ for procurement professionals. There is already some great content going up on the site ready for launch, so we’re excited to make it ‘live’. I’m the first to admit that the site won’t be perfect from day one, and the feature set at launch is by no means set in stone, so once we launch we want as much feedback as we can get from the procurement community!

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