Autumn, April 2013

Talent schmalent

Jack Delosa, Entrepreneur, on why raw talent is overrated

Jack Delosa, Executive Director of The Entourage and MBE Education and one of Australia’s top entrepreneurs under 30 believes so and will share his ‘deliberate practice’ philosophy with procurement’s rising stars at the inaugural Future Leaders in Procurement (FLiP) in Melbourne next month.

From having his company listed in the Fastest 50 Start-Ups in Australia, to raising over $10m for his personal clients and acquiring businesses with his panel of investors, Jack is an emerging leader for future and existing entrepreneurs.

Jack has consulted for brands such as Microsoft, Virgin and CPA on the topic of business growth and performance. Today he is a spokesperson for entrepreneurship in Australia as a regular blogger for Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Start Up Smart, Dynamic Business Magazine and Australian Anthill. He has also been featured in BRW, Career One, Channel 9, Channel 10 News and Sunrise.

In this exclusive interview with Jack, we take a sneak peak at the philosophy which has seen him achieve such incredible success in what has so far been a relatively short career.

On education versus experience…

“We're living in a world where education and experience are becoming one and the same. Gone are the days where we can expect to learn for three to five years through a degree and then enter the workforce. The greats of business combine hard work with ongoing learning to ensure they are always improving their skill-sets.

Today self-initiated education is most effective. When a person determines where they are going, finds people who have walked a similar path and seeks them out to learn from them, this is where the most valuable education occurs as it is an education that is derived from another’s experience.”
On the importance of talent…

“Talent is overrated. New research shows that the old myth that people are born for greatness is largely unsubstantiated. When examining the greats of history, one can quickly identify that talent, i.e. having a natural aptitude in a particular field, does exist, but is largely irrelevant in actually realising success. It comes down to the number of hours the individual has invested into something called 'deliberate practice'; hard work combined with a rigorous learning regime. This is what will build an individual to be great in their career endeavours.”

Jack’s advice for future leaders…

“Find people with 'been there done that' experience and learn from them. Your rate of learning will determine your success in today’s business world. To learn from people with years or decades of experience will give you a depth of understanding and insight not gained by the competition through text books.”
Future leaders can learn from Jack and a host of other inspirational speakers, CPOs and peers with ‘been there done that’ experience at FLiP 2013 on Tuesday 14th May at Werribee Park. View the agendaregister online or contact Program Manager Julie Egonidis at The Faculty on +61 3 9654 4900.