Summer, February 2013

Re-imagining the procurement brand

“Lisa Martin, former Senior Vice President and global CPO Pfizer, will bring an international leadership perspective when she flies in from New York to address this year’s 6th Annual Asia-Pacific CPO Forum.

Entering its 6th consecutive year, The Asia-Pacific CPO Forum is the longest-running event in the region dedicated to developing procurement leadership at the highest levels. Tackling the theme ‘Shaken, not stirred’, delegates will consider what it takes to not only withstand the rate of change, but thrive on it.  

Having spent time at world-class corporations including: Pfizer, National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and Sony Picture Entertainment, Lisa Martin joins 2013 Forum speakers including:  David Lamont, Executive Director and CFO of MMG; Brad Howarth, journalist and co-author of ‘A Faster Future’, Tim Harcourt, JW Nevile Fellow in Economics and James Adonis, Head of The Practice, St James Ethics Centre. To view the full CPO Forum program, click here.

Here, we provide a sneak peek into the leadership philosophy on which Lisa Martin has chartered her meteoric procurement career: 

Make tough decisions and act fast once you’ve made them 

Like the very best leaders, Martin is results oriented and knows how to make decisions under pressure.  “There are times you won’t have access to all the information you’d like and inevitably, there are times when you’ll make the wrong call,” says Martin.  “The key is to accept this, surround yourself with trusted advisors and do the best you can with the information available.”  In today’s turbulent environment where things are in a constant state of flux, Martin’s advice goes double as information changes quickly and opportunities need to be rapidly seized.  

Build dynamic teams with diverse opinions and skills

A strong proponent of workplace diversity, Martin believes a larger pool of experiences, ideas and skills often leads to the most innovative solutions.  Once the team is in place, Martin says: “Take the time to understand what other people are saying and to look at the merit of what is actually said, not who is saying it.  So long as team members share the same values, then at the end of the day, regardless of skill sets, experience or background, we are working to the same end.”  

Have the courage to chart a new course

Martin takes a pragmatic view of success, in which there will inevitably be failures or disappointments along the way:  “When you push to the edge, sometimes this will mean failure.  You just have to be prepared to accept this.”  In making the move to the executive, Martin believes: “When the opportunity presents itself, even if it is a bit risky, take it.” 

Act with authenticity 

For Martin, the single most important factor in being a successful leader is acting with authenticity.  “Authenticity isn’t something that you can switch on and off – it is demonstrated every day in each decision you make, every action you take,” says Martin.  As a leader, Martin knows that behaviours are magnified down the business.  “The more senior you become, the more magnified they are.”

To hear more from Lisa Martin, including her views on the role procurement must take in supply chain financing, make sure you are at the 2013 CPO Forum.  Remember, registrations received before 15 March 2013 will save $200 on the standard ticket price. 

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