Spring 2012

The Art of Procurement

Considered one of Australia’s best kept secrets, The Brett Whitely studio in Surrey Hills was recently the setting for a unique gathering of Sydney’s leading CPOs. 

Sydney Roundtable members and their guests were treated to an exclusive viewing of the studio which was once workplace and home to the famed Australian artist and two-time Archibald Prize winner. 

Richard Nedov, Group General Manager Procurement at Transfield said: “It was a totally different environment to that in which we would ever ordinarily meet as a group of industry peers, I really enjoyed the gathering.’ He continued by saying “it promoted a different level of discussion and was on the whole very valuable as well as personally educational for a largely non artsy person like me.”  

“The Roundtable is renowned for providing interesting and meaningful networking forums for procurement professionals,” says Matthew Perfect, Principal Consultant, “Visiting the Brett Whitely studio brings a whole new meaning to the art of procurement!” 

To find out more about The Faculty Roundtable program, visit The Faculty or contact Matthew Perfect.