CPO Forum Special Edition, June 2012

My Forum takeaways - Tom Verghese

Tom Verghese, Director and Principal Consultant at Cultural Synergies, delivered a Forum workshop on ‘fine turning your cultural intelligence for effective global leadership’ challenging delegates to consider how diversity and inclusion can enhance organisational performance. 

What are the things you heard at the CPO Forum that continue to resonate for you?   

- Former CEO of TOLL, Paul Little’s comments on the importance of relationships and 'taking the time' when building a business in Asia

- Professor Jill Klein’s research on intuition in decision making

Is there anything that you are doing differently as a result of something you heard at the CPO Forum? 

I recently was able to incorporate social procurement into the client relationship by suggesting that we offer a free seat to a community group at a workshop I was running for them. The opportunity was gladly taken up by both parties. 

What aspects of the Forum did you enjoy most?  

- The variety and quality of speakers
- The catering and casual environment of the pre-event dinner
- The smooth handling of the logistics