CPO Forum Special Edition, June 2012

My Forum takeaways - Deanna Lomas

Deanna Lomas is the General Manager Supply Chain for Minerals and Metals Group. Attending her first Asia-Pacific CPO Forum, Deanna shares her insights as a procurement leader:  

What are the things you heard at the CPO Forum that continue to resonate for you?  

The key take-away was the reminder on the role we play in sustainable value creation. The Procurement & Supply Chain function has the opportunity to take a lead on value creation for the extended organisation enterprise, this includes the communities in which we operate.  To do this we need to provide our people with the right leadership.  

Is there anything that you are doing differently as a result of something you heard at the CPO Forum? 

I am consciously using language to support our functional reputation in terms of business drivers: revenue contribution, execution efficiency, value creation, and profit contribution.  

What aspects of the Forum did you enjoy most?  

The opportunity to connect with credible functional peers from diverse industries and organisations, the quality of the sessions, presenters and candid knowledge sharing by participants.