Spring 2012

Mind the Gap

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The moment a new employee walks in the door, the clock starts ticking with judgements and opinions rapidly formed on both sides.  

In a hotly contested procurement market, attracting, selecting and engaging the brightest talent can be gruelling. “It continues to astound me the level of investment organisations are prepared to make in order to attract the perfect candidate, but just how little planning and effort goes into setting them up for success once they arrive on the job,” says Andrew MacAskill, Managing Director of procurement recruitment business, The Source.  

MacAskill states: “The first 100 days are the most accurate barometer of new employee’s longer term performance”. Managing an effective onboarding process is the subject of The Source’s latest research study.  

To be launched at the CIPSA National Conference, ONBOARD offers pragmatic advice from procurement professionals of all levels on how to successfully navigate the first 100 days in a new role. 

Chief Procurement Officer and Source research contributor, Deanna Lomas, offers:  “The more you invest in setting someone up for success in the first 100 days, the sooner that person will return value to the organisation the more likely they will enjoy the work, which leads to accelerated performance.”

From CPOs, through to procurement analysts, The Source research indicates that new starters’ motivation levels will begin to drop from their very first day as they realise the magnitude of the task ahead, encounter unexpected obstacles or come up against difficult stakeholders.  

“Typically, motivation levels will hit their lowest point around the 100 day mark,” says MacAskill, “The challenge for onboarding is to minimise the magnitude of this ‘expectation gap’ and accelerate the rate of recovery”.

To request a copy of ONBOARD, contact The Source or drop by their stand at the CIPSA Annual Conference on Wednesday 17 – 18th October 2013.