Spring 2012

Five Things The Faculty are Working On

It is full steam ahead at The Faculty. Here are just a handful of the projects that have been keeping the team busy: 

Global Category Management Roll Out:  Half way across the world in Chile, Principal Consultant Robert Pease delivered a tailored category management training program for a global resources business. The business is currently consolidating their procurement and sourcing activities into a global system which will streamline supplier management, bidding and contract award activities. Accompanied by Andres Gonzalez, the pair conducted a workshop designed to help users maximise the features and functionalities of the contract management system. This highly customised training and workshop sessions have successfully up skilled more than 400 contract officers, resulting in increased productivity and improved business processes.

Procurement Strategy Review: The Faculty is working closely with Australia’s oldest medical research institute, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, to review their procurement function and identify critical areas for improvement. The institute specialises in cancer, infectious disease and chronic inflammatory disease research and is required to source some of the most interesting categories like isotopes, radioactive material and genetically enhanced mice! The project’s lead consultant Sabine Haas stated: “Having an effective procurement function will mean greater funds can be allocated to conducting further research”.

Category Management Under the Microscope:  Category management has been the focus of many a seminar topic, whitepaper, job description and, more recently, The Faculty Roundtable discussion, but there remains agreement that it lacks a clear definition or understanding across the profession.  Manu Khurana, Consultant at The Faculty expects the coming Roundtable research will “establish a common understanding of category management within Australia and provide key recommendations and a knowledge base to assist Roundtable members in benchmarking and developing their own category management capability”. Comprising a mix of online and interview based research, the report will establish what are the key enablers in the category manager’s toolkit. 

The Newest Faculty Ambassador: Embarking on her biggest project to date – Jade Campbell, Senior Consultant at The Faculty is now the proud mum of a healthy baby girl. Adele Grace Richards was born on August 15th 2012 and weighed in at a healthy 6.5 pounds. Jade will be dedicating her full resources to this project for at least the next six months followed by a minimum 18 year investment!  We would like to congratulate Jade and her husband Rob on their newest arrival. Like so many of her clients, The Faculty is also eagerly awaiting her return!

Taking careers to the next level: The Faculty has been accelerating careers in procurement for almost 10 years though Pathways in Procurement. This foundational course has been delivered across Australia to new starters and experienced professionals entering procurement for the first time. Advocate and recent Pathways attendee, Sandi Jordan, Procurement Specialist – Contracts at Boral said “Pathways made me reconsider the importance of good probity. I learnt how a rigorous strategy protects against discrimination or unethical behaviour and protects the reputation of the organisation you represent”. 

The next Pathways to Procurement programs will be held in Perth on the 24 & 25 October  and in Sydney on 14 & 15 November 2012. To register yourself or your new start click here or visit the Capability and Training page at The Faculty.