CPO Forum Special Edition, June 2012

Daring to succeed - the Cas and Jonesy story

“Adventure is an activity with an unknown outcome,” says James Castrission, who along with pal Justin Jones makes up the inspirational young duo better known as ‘Cas & Jonesy’.   

Still suffering the effects of frostbite and extreme deprivation, Cas & Jonesy enthralled and awed delegates with their latest adventure which saw them trek over 2200km from the edge of Antarctica to the bottom of the earth and back, completely unassisted. 

Having previously battled adverse winds and currents to kayak across the Tasman Sea, this latest expedition saw the pair face the harshest conditions on earth.  Enduring minus 40 degree temperatures, ravenous bodily infections, the pair had a fixed deadline of just 89 days to complete the expedition.  

According to Jonesy, they learnt very early on that in order to survive ‘a customised approach was required’. Engaging and incorporating the input of a team of specialists from across the globe, Cas and Jonesy spent over three years preparing meticulously for their expedition and devising an exceptional risk management plan. One might question, however, why the pair didn’t think to take ski lessons a little earlier – only hitting the snow for the first time just ten months out from the start of their Antarctic expedition! 

A true testament to the human spirit, Cas & Jonesy put their success, even their very survival, down to sheer perseverance and never giving up. By continuously pushing themselves to the physical, mental and emotional extremes, these inspirational Gen Y’s advocate that ‘adventure isn’t about being the first, the fittest or the fastest, it is about the journey. It is about living through something and experiencing it with other people.’ 

The story of Cas & Jonesy’s miraculous adventure is being released in a book and accompanying documentary later in 2012.