Roundtables & Forums

Packed with value, The Faculty Roundtable gives member organisations access to leading-edge thought leadership and commentators, a ready supply of valuable expertise through exclusive market intelligence, as well as networking and professional development opportunities for CPOs and their teams.

Meetings are held throughout the year in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Roundtable members have access to a comprehensive annual program which includes:

Capability and Consulting Uplift Program – Training and Development

Strategy days: 2 Consulting strategy days per member

Capability Development Training: Workshops combining theory and practical exercises to lift capability and critical competencies

  • 1 day training workshop per member.  Up to 12 people in each workshop
  • 4 x 2 day capability workshops, 1 per state in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth (2 places per member)
Leadership Development workshop: Blending ‘science with soft skills’ these workshops bring together industry case studies, subject matter experts and Faculty research to grow commercial leadership.
  • 4x Leadership workshops, 1 per state in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth (2 places per member)

Future Leaders Program (FLIP): For the next generation of Procurement Leaders. An agile series of networking breakfast events bringing together current and emerging leaders impacting the procurement profession. 

  • 1 x networking events per state Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.
  • 1 x FLiP digital Roundtable meetings - 2 hour session
  • 1 x FLiP Roundtable meeting per state, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth
Mentoring:Upon request, mentoring pairs are connected form across sectors and organisations represented within the peer-network.
  • 4 x participants
Research/benchmarking: Compare and Contrast benchmarking research projects across different organisations using the online skills assessment tool.

Procurious Private platform: Annual subscription to Private Procurious platform – a private member portal, social media platform to allow Roundtable members:
  • Online connectivity with other members
  • Capability assessments
  • Procurement maturity assessments
  • e-Learning platform

Roundtable CPO Meetings

As an added extra, an opportunity for CPOs to meet and provide outsider thinking and insider expertise, best practice, industry experience and opportunities to drive innovation and deliver efficiencies in their organisation.  An opportunity to collaborate with people that are at different stages, but on the same journey.  CPOs will be able to challenge and be challenged.

  • 2 x National CPO Roundtable meetings per annum
  • 1 x CPO Connect events. 1 in each state Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth

Roundtable Members