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The Faculty Asia Roundtable


Asia is not a region. It is a collection of more than a dozen countries, each with its own legal system and culture.

Multinationals send their best and brightest procurement professionals to Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur with high expectations – establish a global buying office, manage supply chain risk, “consolidate” buying in the region – often completely underestimating the realities of the working environment.

The phrase “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto” springs to mind. This is tough work. It is not North America, it is not the UK or Australia. Even Europe is more homogenous these days. Often insufficiently resourced to meet the demands of being a global hub, Procurement teams in Asia often have the additional challenge of needing to orient a diverse workforce of expat and local employees to rigorous, often unfamiliar global standards.

Welcome to the complexity of being a CPO in Asia.

To incubate the growth and development of these international procurement offices, The Faculty has established a CPO Roundtable in Singapore, with a full program across 2016. With a growing number of members, The Asia Roundtable program will focus on four key critical issues facing CPOs in 2016:
• Supply chain resilience
• Innovation and growth
• Cost leadership
• Winning the War on Talent

“There are innumerable learnings these CPOs can share with each other gleaned from their unique experience in Asia and globally,” says Tania Seary, Founder of The Faculty.

Seary goes on: “Our talent pools are under-resourced and under-equipped to manage our ever-expanding, risk exposed supply chains. This, coupled with our need to stay on the bleeding edge of the cost curve while simultaneously driving innovation and growth means commercial leaders can no longer afford to work in isolation. They need to learn from each other in order to survive and thrive.”

Roundtable Asia members will have access to:
• Quarterly CPO meetings including a provocative speaker series
• A WebLive program comprising a series of 5 webinars delivers practical and relevant content for CPOs and their teams
• An invitation and entry to The 9th Asia-Pacific CPO Forum in May 2016
• Cutting-edge research consisting of a thought-leadership topic and benchmarking data
• Access to a secure, member-only Roundtable portal “Procurious Loft” – a social media platform granting members full online connectivity across the Asian and Australian Roundtable membership, including a full archive of The Faculty research since 2006
• Networking, mentoring and professional development opportunities for CPOs and their teams

2016 Asia Roundtable meeting dates (Singapore):
• Thursday 3rd March 2016
• Thursday 9th June 2016
• Thursday 25th August 2016
• Thursday 24th November 2016

For membership enquiries about Roundtable Asia, please contact Max Goonan, Networks Director, via email.