Being the FLiP Ambassador, what's it all about?

Being the FLiP Ambassador provides a unique opportunity to fast-track your career and get the inside word on what’s on the mind of top CPOs.  By being named “FLiP Ambassador to The Asia-Pacific CPO Forum", you will be representing all FLiP delegates, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences from the FLiP Forum with the CPOs, ask questions, share ideas, network, be challenged and grow your brand.  

The 2015 prize

The winner will be awarded one full, two-day pass to attend The 8th Asia-Pacific CPO Forum (13 & 14 May, at the Park Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne) including all speaker sessions, the Gala Dinner and the Executive Breakfast. Learn more about The Asia-Pacific CPO Forum here. As the FLiP Ambassador, representing Future Leaders in Procurement, you will also be invited to take part in either the FLiP or CPO Forum programs and be invited to a future CPO networking event.

How to win

Email in 80 words or less “what is the one message you, as a Future Leader in Procurement, want to share with CPOs. Email to>

Competition conditions – Closing date for submissions is Monday 27 April, 2015.  To be eligible for the judging process you must be registered to attend FLiP, register here.

 Responses will be assessed by a panel comprising CPO judges from The Faculty Roundtable.

(*Note, email entries will not be published and will only be made available anonymously to members of The Faculty and CPOs of The Roundtable for judging purposes).


"The FLiP Ambassador program has been a rewarding experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the CPO Forum which was insightful and provided me with the opportunity to connect with CPO’s from varying organisations and industries. I would recommend the experience as it was also challenging and pushed me outside of my comfort zone to attend and present to CPOs at the Sydney and Brisbane Roundtable meetings."  Ashlie Grey - Energex