Roundtables & Forums

Roundtables & Forums

INSPIRE through knowledge and leadership

In today’s fast changing world, leaders cannot afford to work in isolation.

Shifting global markets, changing customer behaviour, unprecedented levels of stakeholder expectation, and growing skills shortages place enormous pressure on procurement leaders. Their ability to absorb, digest and apply intelligence quickly can be the difference between success and failure.

In response to the increasing importance of market intelligence and changing markets, The Faculty developed a series of networking products which support procurement leaders through the exchange of intelligence, experience and ideas.

Since early 2006, The Faculty Roundtables, and subsequently the Asia-Pacific CPO Forum and Category Councils, have provided both CPO’s and category specialists with a forum for knowledge transfer, best practice and debate. Through workshops, research projects, industry leading speakers and meetings, and a membership of the region’s most formidable companies, The Faculty’s networks continue to lead the industry.