Capability and Training

Tailored Training

The Faculty’s Tailored Training program builds on our knowledge, expertise and methodology, and tailors these to suit your industry, organisation and operational level. We link to your overall business strategy and through a mix of interactive and practical sessions, deliver genuine and measurable learning.


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Pathways to Procurement

A tailored version of The Faculty’s successful “Pathways to Procurement” public training workshop, this course is ideally suited to those wanting to ‘fast track’ their procurement knowledge. Comprising a blend of theory and activities participants will leave with pragmatic tools and templates to apply in their day-to-day roles.

Category Management

Discover how to deliver additional value through improvement in the understanding and use of market dynamics via a consistently applied, embedded approach to category management. 
Contract Management

Add significant value to your organisation through the provision of a contract management training program that will enhance the capability of personnel that manage external supply contracts across the organisation. 

Negotiation for Advantage

Learn the skill of negotiation through exploring how to plan and execute negotiations that will result in win-win agreements. Discover the techniques to creating strong relationships, handling conflict and be empowered to deliver more value to your organisation.

Procurement Training for Sales Executives

Gain insight on skills to engage, align with and influence procurement, and support strategic sales and customer relationship objectives. 

Learn about procurement processes and how buyers segement their suppliers and build seperate sourcing strategies. Fine-tune your negotiation techniques and supplier selection processes.

Supplier Relationship Management

Learn the principles and applications of effective Supplier Relationship Management to manage suppliers for success, develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships, manage contracts for the long-term to gain greater value from the buyer-supplier relationship. 

Commercial Awareness

Discover how effective commercial decisions can positively contribute to your organisation’s objectives and identify risks and opportunities in existing commercial arrangements.

Understand the supplier’s perspective in commercial negotiations and gain valuable insights and methods which will enable you to achieve a more mutually beneficial outcome.

Advanced Cost Management

A course aimed at equipping participants with a set of highly pragmatic cost management tools and improving knowledge of the cost structure of goods and services, distinguishing between price and cost management as well as understanding total cost management in contract negotiations.

 Coaching and Mentoring

Designed to enable sustainable learning and ongoing development and support for behaviour change. They may include reviewing process, team support and the development of the appropriate tools and templates. There would be focus on the speci