Capability and Training

Negotiating for Advantage - Middle Level

The Faculty’s focused and interactive one day program, 'Negotiating for Advantage', is designed to increase the capability of delegates in planning and preparing for a negotiation with a video role play with an external role-player which is designed to develop skills in conducting the negotiation.

How you will benefit:
  • undertake a variety of processes involved in preparation and planning, including setting objectives and planning the phases of a negotiation
  • identify the commercial context of the negotiation and adapt your behaviours to deal with the particular context
  • employ a variety of persuasion methods to achieve your goals, including conditioning the other party, bargaining (trading), and the use of logic
  • decode the other party’s techniques and tactics, neutralise their tactics and build rapport more effectively
  • distinguish the phases of negotiation and the behaviours appropriate at each phase.

Who should attend?

Procurement and supply professionals looking to develop their negotiation skills and understand the theory behind successful negotiation.

Roundtable Members receive up to four places at no charge across all training programs. Additional places will be charged.

Non-Roundtable members can register for a fee. Once we receive your registration we will contact you to confirm there is space available at the workshop.

Please contact if you are interested in a Negotiating for Advantage course in 2017. 



    The workshop was a terrific reinforcement of some solid negotiation theory and principles.


    Negotiation is pertinent to my role. I will be sure to use the tactics I learnt in my day to day activities.


    The group discussions provided valuable insight to other situations team members have experienced. These "real" examples were very useful in helping me to grasp the learning concepts.


    The case studies and role plays were excellent and very relevant.