Capability and Training


Capability and Training

EMBED to ensure genuine gain and sustainability

The Faculty delivers specialised professional development courses for procurement professionals and those new to procurement. Our courses are for both individuals and organisations and are focused on delivering leading practice procurement in addition to leadership skills and commercial capability. Above all, The Faculty’s training competence is about establishing pragmatic and sustainable learning.

The Faculty has three training structures; Capability Development Training courses, Tailored in-house programmes, and Customised in-house programmes.

Attend a course

Tailor one of our courses for your organisation

Design your own in-house course

The Faculty offers a series of high quality Capability Development Training workshops.

These are fixed training courses held throughout the year and are open to any individual or organisation.
Our Tailored Training program enables you to utilise our methodologies, tools and modules to create a program that suits your specific industry, environment and learning requirements.
If your training needs require a more organisation-specific solution, The Faculty will work with you to develop a Customised program that combines your content and our expertise to deliver a best-in-class and relevant result.

Our facilitators are experienced procurement practitioners who have extensive knowledge in developing procurement processes and conducting training and development activities. Each of our courses are:

Proven. The Faculty has developed training modules designed to meet the development needs of entry level professionals through to senior management.

Relevant. Workshops incorporate leading edge practice and deal with issues critical to succeeding in todays' environment.

Practical. Using the principles of adult learning and industry experience from guest speakers, workshops are designed to drive behavioural change and maximise immediate skills transfer back into the workplace.

Interactive. A mix of theory, practical exercises and teamwork ensure that participants learn, put into practice and share benefits with their peers.

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