Lisa Malone

Group Marketing and General Manager - Europe

Lisa is an experienced senior member of The Faculty team who has proven performance in marketing and communications strategy, public relations, brand management, marketing operations, and procurement consulting.

Based in London, Lisa is responsible for managing the London team and overseeing the launch of Procurious - the online business networking site for procurement and supply chain professionals  and newest business within The Faculty Group.  

As Group Marketing Manager, Lisa is accountable for the development and execution of group-wide marketing strategy across The Faculty and our sister companies, The Source and Procurious.  Lisa is particularly interested in creating remarkable brand campaigns which position our businesses as thought-leaders in the procurement profession.

Lisa formerly occupied a consulting role at The Faculty working across a variety of sectors and projects including: harmonisation of QA standards for a multi-national FMCG; design and development of materials for a University accredited procurement training course; and development of category management strategies for an oil and gas business.  In her consulting capacity, Lisa was also responsible for facilitating The Faculty Roundtable program, managing the delivery of the Asia-Pacific CPO Forum and has authored a number Roundtable Research projects and contributions to CIPSA publications.

Lisa has also spent time working in the Brand and Sponsorship team at the National Australia Bank, where she contributed to the execution of the award winning ‘Break Up’ campaign.  Prior to joining The Faculty, Lisa worked as  Contract Advisor to the Commonwealth and Victorian State Governments.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Law from La Trobe University.