About Us

Our Achievements

The Faculty is proud of its commitment to excellence. The following provides a brief insight into our accomplishments.

Melbourne Business School Procurement Executive Program

The Faculty is responsible for the development of the Procurement Executive Program (PEP), partnering with the Melbourne Business School, to provide leadership training to the next generation of procurement professionals.

Creation of Australia’s first Procurement Roundtable

The establishment and hosting of the Procurement Roundtable. Developed to provide a framework for CPO’s and their teams to engage in critical discussions about procurement, to share knowledge and experiences, and to develop and drive leadership in the profession.

Establishment of an Asia-Pacific CPO Forum

The creation and presentation of the Asia-Pacific CPO Forum for senior procurement leaders. Hosted annually and now entering its fourth year, the Forum provides a platform for dynamic knowledge sharing and commercial leadership development.

Other achievements include:

  • Delivery of a unique mentoring program to complement organisational development and retention strategies
  • Leading edge procurement studies identifying crucial strategies signposts and recommendations for regional procurement groups
  • Delivery of public training and customised procurement training courses to over 1,000 procurement professionals from entry level through to senior managers, across a range of broad commercial and specialist procurement subjects including strategic cost management, negotiations, supplier relationship management and the strategic sourcing cycle
  • Partnering with US-based cost management expert Jimmy Anklesaria and introducing the Anklesaria Strategic Cost Management™ Workshop to Australia. 

Our People